APR 16, 2021

A Message From Our Founder Sriram Manoharan to Employees

Dear All,

Congratulations, We have completed 13 successful years of CONTUS, and we closed the FY 2020-21 with positive (30%) growth better than previous years.

Considering the uncertain and challenging last 12 months of the Covid crisis, this is amazing.

Please accept our deepest thanks to every one of you. I also remember employees who worked with us in the past with a lot of gratitude and thanks.

We must be proud of our journey, It is a very unique and outlandish experience filled with few ups and lots of downs. I am dedicating this beautiful journey to all the hearts and brains of CONTUS, who stood beside us during those hard times.

CONTUS was started in 2008 by few experienced men in their late 20s from a middle-class background with zero entrepreneurial experience with two employees on board. Today, We have grown to be a multi-million dollar company, and am proud to say that, we are one of the very few bootstrapped companies in the country to reach this milestone.

We want to be and will be a billion-dollar company in the future, Our flagship products market size is close to 20 billion dollars. I am sure with all your support and the right execution from our leadership team, we can certainly achieve this goal.

I am aware that to achieve this goal, we have to improve and make a lot of changes in the way we operate today. We are ready and open to making the changes.

I am excited and happy to have you all part of this ride.

Many Thanks

Sriram Manoharan