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The Authentic Reasons Why the Global Automotive Leaders Rely On Us?

Contus establishes future-proof solutions that are faster time to market & lasts entire product life-cycle

Mobile Devices Control

We bridge the gaps between smartphones & vehicles

With the capability of integrating on any device, Contus urges the best possible technology to connect any automobile engine with your mobile devices to have entire control within your palm.

  • Connected mobility for automotive parts & use cases
  • One point of contact With all your vehicles
  • A ready-to-go Automotive IoT Connected platforms

Navigation Solutions

We’re specialized in Automotive Navigation Solutions

Our Automotive IoT solution experts work with the world’s largest automobile manufacturers to drive top-notch innovations with connectivity across entire connected transport landscapes.

  • Connected thousands of devices across 40+ countries
  • Integrates with Global Navigator platforms
  • Insightful routing, guidance, & In-vehicle navigations

Analytics & Data

We Make Connectivity Smarter With Strong Linking of Analytics & Data

We demystify the overall data process from ECUs, CANs to the devices through a secure system. Delivering the data attributes for each part with engine status & performance is made simple with automotive IoT solutions.

  • Analyze, reshape signals for actionable decisions
  • In-cloud Data management to manage connected cars data & platforms
  • Proactive approach of privacy & security for a connected data
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Powering a Connected Ecosystem of Vehicles with CV2X IoT Networks

Delivering an enhanced connected vehicle communication irrespective of components & sensors

  • Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V)

    Creating a data flow in a proximity range to share information related to speed, signal, dynamics & geographical traffic locations to the central hub and each other. With V2V, prevent accidents & emergency vehicle movements.

  • Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I)

    With a combination of infrastructure & vehicle data, facilitate smooth movement of traffic and toll booths with end-to-end data insights of lane markings, toll booths, and traffic lights within one redefined dashboard.

  • Vehicle to Pedestrians (V2P)

    CV2X inbuilt mobile application helps pedestrians to locate nearby stoppings, taxis, and monitor the overall estimated time to reach the destination irrespective of traffic. The entire operation be through an intuitive interface.

  • Vehicle to Network (V2N)

    In combination with the Intelligent Transport System (ITS), every driver can be informed & notified of weather forecasts and accidents on particular geographical routes. The technology helps to avoid sudden happenings on roads.

Leveraging IoT-driven End-to-end Support for a Connected & Autonomous Driving

Scale automating possibilities with multiple connected services to thrive ahead in the market

Explore Connected Technologies for Various Vehicle Manufacturing Sectors

Deliver an Automated Solution for a Royal Driving Experience With Connected Vehicle Solutions

  • Electric Vehicle Monitoring

  • Fleet Management & Telematics

  • Predictive Maintenance & Safety

  • Cloud Services for Vehicles

  • In-vehicle Infotainment System

Electric Vehicle Monitoring

Electric Vehicle Monitoring

With a bunch of technological ninjas & end-to-end infrastructure, we have the capability to build a connected vehicle platform integration with the electric vehicle to monitor the overall operations such as steering, lighting, power supply system, braking & much more within an insightful dashboard. The integrated deployment of the solution with products ensures to increase the performance and efficiency of driving.

  • Battery usage data
  • Vehicle Performance Data
  • Driver Behavior Data
  • Charging Station Alert
  • Charging Report
  • Electric Vehicle Digital Twin

Fleet Management & Telematics

Fleet Management & Telematics

Experience a smarter way to manage your overall fleet process and take control of your vehicle’s end-to-end data in an intuitive dashboard. Beyond the basic tracking options, CONTUS’ connected vehicle solutions capabilities deliver AI, Machine Learning & IoT-based telematics solutions to predict vehicle health & reduce cost. Our Fleet management solution empowers businesses to plan routes, driving patterns & much more to improve productivity on autonomous dispatching

  • Reduce Fuel Consumption
  • Reduce Operational cost
  • Reduce Maintenance Cost
  • Ensure Faster Delivery
  • Improve Safety
  • Monitor Truck Routes

Predictive Maintenance & Safety

Predictive Maintenance & Safety

With advanced visual analytics, IoT & Machine learning technologies, Contus urges to deliver a top-tier predictive analytics solution to maximize the life-span of connected vehicles and ensures to keep a watchful predictive eye on every part of the connected vehicles. With the integration of solutions on the vehicle’s sensor, ECUs to monitor the health of vehicles and avoid unanticipated component breakdown.

  • Vehicle Health Monitoring
  • Smart Alerts
  • Maintenance History Analytics
  • Fault Detection
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Connected Vehicle Sensors

Cloud Services for Vehicles

Cloud Services for Vehicles

CONTUS being a leading automotive IoT solution provider, our cloud services are built for highly scalable deployment of connected vehicle services such as Telematics, Infotainment, Fleet management & Navigations to discover new innovations and deploy multiple connected vehicles related services. Cloud services enable automation manufacturers to connect global cloud data for any connected use cases.

  • Car-on-demand services
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Car Security Services
  • Usage-based Insurance
  • Over-the-air updates
  • Drive-assist Applications

In-vehicle Infotainment System

In-vehicle Infotainment System

Transforming the future driving experience by creating an intuitive navigation system with connected in-vehicle infotainment is the utmost act you can experience with CONTUS, a leading Automotive IoT company. We ensure to engineer a smart navigation system with real-time features that distinguish your connected product from the market to drive better customer satisfaction.

  • 4-Way Camera Assistance
  • Third-party Apps
  • Over-the-air & Voice Recognition
  • High-Resolution Touch Screen
  • Vehicular Functions
  • Platform Compatibility

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