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From Startups to Giants, we engineer a 3600 web connected future for all B2B, B2C, C2C and all other business models.

Winning UI/UX Design Experiences that Attract + Engage + Convert

Crafting every imaginable web experiences with pixel perfect UI/UX designs to build full stack web applications, SaaS solutions, web portals & much more.

  • Strategic UI/UX

    Tech inspired UI/UX design company that addresses customer pain areas through strategic web interfaces.

  • Agile Ux

    Bringing together Agile methodology & Design Thinking to deliver superior user experience.


    Design that measures web performance accurately with KPI metrics like Conversions, CLV, CTR, etc.

  • Web Innovation

    Web Innovation at all corners of the web; from web portals to eCommerce and beyond.

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Design-Centric Front End Web Development

Challenging the status quo through high-end web architecture development, Performance Tuning & UI enhancement.


Leveraging the flexibility in designing creating dynamic web experiences using Angular js development, we developed a web application that enabled last mail delivery tracking through a web interface.


Our full stack web developers leaned on the user-friendliness of React js development to engineer a parts planning web portal for a global automobile conglomerate.


Bootstrap's in-built CSS templates for web designing quickens the pace with which admin moderated web portals like bulletin board, social feed websites, communities, etc. can be created.

Ember Js

The developer-friendly and template infested framework is an ideal choice for full stack developers to develop software projects that require massive exchange of information on a real-time basis without bogging down the website performance.


From designing the first-of-its-kind parts planning web application to infusing fetching animations for vacation rental websites, CONTUS’ full stack development services use jQuery lavishly to build lightweight, CSS3 Compliant & Cross-Browser compatible web apps.

Material UI

Being a leading full stack development company, we use Google's own design philosophy with a refreshing take on presenting icons & designs that have been mastered by our UI/UX designers to re-imagine & redesign diverse web applications.

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Multi-tier API Development

Full-fledged Web API development services complete with owned or 3rd party integrations that will get your web application portal up and running in quick time.

  • Laravel
  • Django

From startup eCommerce stores to IoT automation for heavy-duty auto maker, CONTUS leverages source laravel application development framework to develop custom web solutions from ground up.

Django's security quotient is what has inspired CONTUS to use it for developing a first-of-its-kind online banking portal for a Middle-East Bank.

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Secure & Stable Backend Web Development

Structuring stable server backends that are swift in fetching data from multiple points & compiling them under a single window web interface.


The PHP masterminds at CONTUS take advantage of the scripting language's agility to do everything from constructing sophisticated server backends to php web pages development that churn dynamic web content.


The tech mavericks at CONTUS have coded Social Pinboards, Augmented Reality experiences and many other tech innovations that belong to the future of computing. Hire a Python expert to accelerate your development process.


From scientific applications to mixed realities, CONTUS uses Java - the omnipresent programming language to create write once, run everywhere server-side applications.


Laravel's micro-framework, Lumen has always been a preferred choice for CONTUS to build lightning fast APIs which can be quickly upgraded to full-fledged Laravel framework if needed.


Open-source & highly extensible using Java EE, Spring enables our web engineers to craft Java applications that add more power to web applications from under the hood.

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DevOps in Action

Sprint to Launch, DevOps Deployment running at full speed, at all stages of project delivery

dev ops architecture

Continuous QA testing

To iron out all code wrinkles and bugs through rigorous quality assurance testing to deliver zero-defect full stack web application development services.

  • Smoke Testing
  • Sanity Testing
  • API Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Load & Performance Testing
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Scalable & Performance

Be on your own cloud servers that are build to scale with maximum firewall security measures and 99.99% downtime protection.


The flexibility of Linux open-source OS to address the demanding needs of your enterprise’s sophisticated server systems, networks & data backends.


We render you the might of HTTP standards compliant server platform for meeting your server management needs on UNIX & Windows.

Microsoft SQL

Stay secure, scale seamlessly, manage your data load needs efficiently vwith negligible downtime with our Microsoft's SQL Server management expertise.

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On Your Own Cloud

Handpicked High & Mighty cloud platforms to build, deploy & manage enterprise applications

  • AWS
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Akamai
  • Google Cloud

Highly reliable on demand cloud hosting with elastic scalability perfect for object storage.

Enterprise-grade integrated cloud computing platform with IaaS, SaaS, PaaS models.

Front-running Content Delivery Network best fit for media, software, application delivery.

A Pay-as-you-use platform integrated with Google-grade cloud security measures.

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Case Studies

wearables and app technologies

Blending wearables and app technologies to provide on-demand emergency help for saving lives.

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chat app

Enterprise-grade collaborative app for connecting 20000+ employees of Reddy's Lab.

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blending beacons and augmented reality

Blending Beacons and Augmented Reality to push range-specific information and instructions of any sort

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