About Zaamor

Zaamordiamonds.com, owned by a 116-year-old jewellery brand Vummidi Bangaru Jewellers (VBJ), offers the largest collection of solitaire diamonds that's conflict free and 100% certified. The store brings an array of BIS Hallmark jewellery, both antique and trendy collections, that showcases excellent craftsmanship with strikingly exquisite designs.

Zaamor's Requirements

Zaamor Diamonds was looking out for a UI and UX design solution that encourages its users to interact with the brand better, improve the level of shopping experience and ROI.

The existing design philosophy wasn't reflecting the brands rich legacy and value. Zaamor Diamonds was concerned about the level of user experience its ecommerce website was offering as the traffic wasn't just enough for the brand to make users buy their collection of diamond jewellery.

The Challenge

In order to derive a UX design plan that strikes a chord with the expectations of users, Contus had to plunge into research on user behaviour, define metrics, measure them, analyze and map results with the experience design planning. Create a UI and visual appeal that's spectacular enough to reflects the rich brand value and legacy of the 116 year old retail jewellery giant.

Contus' Solutions

Contus adopted a strategic approach to figure out the user experience that could best serve the brand.

At A Glance

Zaamor Diamonds, a jewellery retail wing owned by century old group VBJ, wanted creative solutions to refine the UI and UX of its online ecommerce store which is catered to exquisite diamond jewellery enthusiasts across the globe.

Contus' creative team took on the challenge of designing a UX and UI that's welcomed by the target audience and rendered a researched based solution that perfectly business owners' objectives.


eCommerce - Fashion and Accessories

Key Results

Zaamordiamonds.com experienced a 30% increase in page views proving the overwhelming response the new UI and UX philosophy was showered with. Bringing down the bounce rate eventually resulted in high search engine rankings, traffic and conversion rates.

Fishing out the metrics needed to frame UX

In order to define the metrics that needs to be measured, Contus took into consideration factors like user engagement, adoption, retention, effectiveness etc. The user actions which allow to measure these factors were considered as the user metrics which can clearly reflect a user's perspective and expectation for Contus design team to frame the UX design.

Additionally, Contus leveraged on one-to-one interviews and advanced analytical tools to gain deeper insights on factors that could help in etching a user-psychology based UX.

Then came the process for prioritization which helped the designers to lay keen focus on factors which highly drive user satisfaction.

The business perspective

Contus held discussions with business owners on their objectives and what they really want customers to do or feel about the website. On a comparative note, the objectives of the business owner and user experience metrics were analyzed closely to place contents through UX design that connects clearly the business motive with the user at various stages of a buying cycle.

The 'Human' factor

For the perfection part, Contus organized discussion with existing customers of Zaamor diamonds.com. At this phase the customers were interviewed on how they feel about the design prototypes created by team Contus and what do they want perfected. Based on these human personas, the prototype interfaces created were iterated at multiple angles to achieve a spectacular outcome.

Cosmetic Changes
UI and UX Research
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The new UI and UX provides an elevated look and feel for zaamordiamonds.com. With an interface that's built on a user-driven approach, worked out well among visitors catapulting a 30% increase in pageviews.

With users spending more than intended time in the website owing to a great UI, the bounce rate hit a new low improving conversion, page rankings and traffic to new heights.