About Hazrati

Hazrati is a New York-based marketplace that connects a global community of vintage collectors, independent artists, and product makers. The online store creates opportunities for buyers to purchase inspiring and unique products from the finest craftsmen. Hazrati also sets stage for people to find repair, customization and resizing experts to get their valuable luxury jewelry and watches back to shape.

Hazrati's Requirements

Hazrati wanted to create an online marketplace that connects people to professional ornament makers, vintage goods, trendy, used or new jewellery. The brand wanted to create an online ecommerce store that is reliable for finding unique jewellery and luxury gifts that cannot be found in traditional brick and mortar stores or regular online e-commerce shops.

The brand also aspired its online destination to host sellers, repair and customization service providers for ornaments and luxury watches.

The Challenge

Hazrati wanted its eCommerce platform to a super-scalable one as it had to host millions of jewellery related products and a wide range of watch collection, both trendy and antique.

Adding to this, the brains behind Hazrati wanted both third-party vendors, repair and customization service providers to enroll themselves into their ecommerce store to turn into into a reliable place for shopping as well ad servicing.

Contus' Solutions

Having vendor accommodation and high scalability as the main priorities, Contus' development team decided to take advantage of its own readymade software 'Buy Sell' built using PHP, as the software, by default, is adaptively scalable, cloud compatible and customizable.

With flexibility for customizations, team Contus set off on a personalization spree that turned the multi vendor website more brand and business-specific.

Helping users find products in a flash

The user experience factor was the first thing to be considered as Hazrati demanded 1000s of products to be hosted in its online store.

At A Glance

Hazrati is the brainchild of a New York based jewellery and accessories specialists who wanted to create an exclusive portal for finding rare and best collection of ornaments and valuable accessories.

Contus, with its development team, chose their Sell Buy software to power the business idea of Hazrati. Contus developed a marketplace website that could host 1000s of sellers and service providers with Etsy like interface and multiple marketing capabilities.


Ecommerce - Fashion

Key Results

Hazrati's business model powered by Contus was a huge hit among several New Yorkers in a short span. The marketplace ecommerce store started grabbing attention thick and fast among collectors and millions of those who love rare and antique accessories.

Technologies Involved

  • OS - Linux
  • Web Server - Apache/Nginx
  • Database - Mysql 5.6
  • Language - PHP 5.6
  • eCommerce CMS - Magento 1.x
  • Clientside - HTML5, CSS3, JQuery

Leveraging on the advanced search filter option of Sell Buy software, Contus developers turned them appropriate to Hazrati's requirements by providing filters based on categories, conditions (new / pre-owned), diamond clarity, colors, genders, ornament type, price, brand and a list of other parameters.

This helped users to go for a more specific search based on their preferences, no matter how many they are. The loading were programmed on Ajax to keep the loading time at the bare minimum.

Etsy's UI and UX

The business minds behind Hazrati wanted a familiar looking UI and UX that users could find easy to use. For this, they decided to go for an Etsy like theme. Contus' designers came up with an exclusive theme which was looked and felt identical to Etsy. This helped Hazrati to provide a neat and familiar interface that would be loved by its users.

Partner-friendly features

Comprising of both sellers and repair service providers as partners, Contus laid focus on helping users find these players all at one place. Accordingly, the website was given specific pages consisting the list of all sellers and craftsmen.

Additionally, seller manual option was bestowed in which sellers could find help on how to list products, popularize brand, put up a sale, ship products, grow ROI, price products and perform all marketing activities.


As a part of enhancing the marketing capabilities of Hazrati, Contus developed a affiliate marketing system through which business owners can encourage people to refer friends. Rewards were based on discount points, gift coupons and special seasonal offers which could be redeemed on future purchases. This enabled the jewellery store to

Social media friendliness

For the site to be social media friendly which makes signing up and sharing easy, Contus provided social sign in feature through Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Users were also given sharing option on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Etsy Theme
Gift Cards
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Hazrati was launched as a one-of-a-kind online portal which turned out to be a humongous success as people were able to find rare jewellery, artifacts, antiques and also get them repaired or customized.

Hazrati lured more jewellery designers from New York and all over the world to partner and benefit from a huge customer base. The Etsy like theme gave a familiar interface for users to search and find products with more ease.